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H.J. Poist Gas Company

Contact: Jennifer Wingate
Office: 360 Main St. Laurel, MD 20707 United StatesPhone: 301-725-3232Website:


Founded in 1937, the H.J. Poist Gas Company began as the H.J. Poist Furniture & Appliance Company located right on Main Street in Laurel, Maryland. The Poist family sold furniture and appliances, and also repaired appliances. After a few years, the company began specializing in the sales and service of propane appliances.

The H.J. Poist Gas Company grew with the local community, providing homes and businesses with every aspect of propane fuel service. From system planning to equipment installation and maintenance, to increasingly flexible delivery and payment options, H.J. Poist remains the go-to, one-stop shop for propane service in central Maryland.

Since 1937, we have been serving the Maryland community with care, expertise, fair pricing, and true 24/7 support.
Peace of Mind. Brought to you by H.J. Poist.

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360 Main St. Laurel MD 20707 United States

Vendor Definitions

General Sales / Service Providers
General Sales/Commercial are T-shirts, Clothes, Sunglasses, and Manufactured Products. Products that are NOT HANDMADE and then shipped to the vendors for resale are considered General Sales. Novelties are not accepted! If you have a mixture of arts & crafts and general sales you will still be charged at the General Sales/Commercial rate.

Direct Sales
Direct sales are organizations such as Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Arbonne, Tastefully Simple, Thirty-One, LuLaRoe, etc. No more than (3) Direct Sales vendors of the same products are allowed at this event.

Arts and Crafts Vendors
Arts and Crafts must be handmade and/or assembled by the Vendor. First time Vendors may be requested to provide samples or pictures of items to be sold. Vendors whose items are not handmade or assembled may be asked to pay the difference at the Festival or be shut down with no refund. If you have questions, ask ahead of time. Face painters fall under Arts & Crafts. If you are a face painter vendor, you will need a Certificate of Insurance listing the Laurel Board of Trade as an additional insured.

Handout Only Vendors
This is for local businesses ONLY providing business cards, brochures and marketing literature for their business and not selling items.

Non-Profit Groups
Civic, Religious, Schools and Service Groups (you must provide your non-profit tax ID number on the application).

Children’s Activities Definition
Kids Activities include pony rides, mechanical rides, moon bounces, arts and crafts, games of skill (i.e.: fishing ponds, ring toss) face painting, or any activity that is promoted for children’s entertainment. If you are a face painter vendor, you will need a Certificate of Insurance listing the Laurel Board of Trade as an additional insured.