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Lofty Stories LLC

Contact: Jamila Romero
Phone: (202) 599-6421Website:


Established in the Spring of 2022, Lofty Stories LLC by Author, Award-Winning Educator, and Mother, Jamila Romero, is a self-publishing children’s book house committed to the transformative power of representation, education, and positive self-esteem. The belief in these values is woven into the fabric of each creation, providing an engaging, educational, and empowering reading experience that redefines literary representation for children.

Our first series, “A to Z Children Affirmations,” embodies these principles and more, with three titles that enrich young minds. A to Z Black Girl Affirmations, A to Z Black Boy Affirmations, and A to Z Children Affirmations, introduces positive messages fostering confidence, resilience, and kindness for all readers. In these books we celebrate diversity by offering personalized affirmations that resonate with young readers, fostering a strong sense of identity because representation matters.

Beyond content creation, Lofty Stories actively engages with the community. We organize and participate in reading sessions, book fairs, and workshops in collaboration with schools, libraries, and local organizations. These initiatives not only benefit children but also contribute to the cultural and educational make up of our community.

As the founder of this black women-owned company, great pride is taken into the meticulous production of each book. From conception to design and printing, “Lofty Stories” maintains high-quality standards, ensuring every book infuses expertise with a unique blend of empowerment, diversity, and educational value that is a cherished treasure for children and their families.

Join us in a journey into inclusive storytelling where every page is a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and the joy of learning. Discover the magic of Lofty Stories—where every child’s story matters and we invite children to Read. Learn. Grow. Together. Through our unwavering commitment of providing representation we are thrilled at the prospect of sharing our passion with the Laurel Board of Trade, contributing to the literary landscape that enriches the lives of our youngest community members.

Mailing Address:
3351 Corridor Marketplace
Suite 400 #34
Laurel, MD 20724