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The Laurel Board of Trade provides a network for our local business community and promotes pro-business regional cooperation.

ELL Events – Master Event Logisticians

Contact: Tawana E. LaMar, MBA
Office: Laurel, MD 20724 Phone: 240-252-9421Website:


Over 35 years experience with diverse audiences and industries. Our niche – we execute your on-site event logistics for you! You planned your event, now you too can have the “attendee experience.” Enjoy, engage, and network with members, attendees and speakers and participate in the activities of your event.

Our ideal customers are:

  • Event, Conference and Meeting Organizers at any organization
  • Individuals who wish to experience their own event, conference or meeting
  • Individuals who wish to be hands off for on-site event logistics.

We seek to partner with:

  • Small businesses and global organizations
  • For profit and not-for-profit companies
  • Event Planning companies
  • Production companies

To learn more and partner, schedule a call –