Member Directory

The Laurel Board of Trade provides a network for our local business community and promotes pro-business regional cooperation.

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James Kole

Office: 322 Carroll Avenue Laurel, MD 20707

Janet Able

Contact: Janet Able
Office: 8605 Portsmouth Dr. Laurel, MD 20708 Phone: 301-675-5761

Jay Williams Design Company

Contact: Jay Williams
Office: 11919 Franklin Street Beltsville, Maryland 20705 United StatesPhone: 301-938-4412Website:

JayMedia Group

Contact: Dion & Christine Johnson
Phone: 301-818-8283Website:

JGD Properties

Contact: John Donohue
Phone: 301-518-4443

Jim Cross

Contact: Jim Cross
Office: Laurel, MD 20707 United StatesPhone: 301-706-9543