Laurel Main Street Festival
Rules & Regulations 
All Vendors and Participants 

Please read this document thoroughly.

The Laurel Main Street Festival is a large family friendly festival with approximately up to 100,000 people a year attending, over 325 vendors over almost a one mile street. Multiple vendors from the same company can easily be accommodated.

** Due to COVID-19 and current pandemic conditions this festival may be altered or cancelled at any time up to the day of the festival. All vendors must take the responsibility for their area, company, employees, contractors, food service, products, and/or service seriously following all current City of Laurel government and CDC regulations & guidelines. This includes social distancing guidelines, reasonable sanitation options available for patrons and staff, mask wearing and any other recommended precautions to keep everyone reasonably safe.

Types of Vendor / Participants

The Laurel Board of Trade reserves the right to request from any vendor to provide proof of insurance listing the Laurel Board of Trade as an Additional Insured. If not provided when requested your company could be denied participation in this Festival and No refunds will be provided.

Food Vendor

Food vendor means any person, public or private, who offers for sale or sells food or beverage products including the cooking, heating, frying, refrigeration, and frozen food products intended for consumption at this event. Cottage food vendors are included in this category. All food vendors must provide proof of insurance to the Laurel Board of Trade prior to the event (September 10, 2021). The Certificate of Insurance must list the Laurel Board of Trade as an additional insured. If not provided admittance to this festival will be denied and no refunds provided.

General Sales/Commercial Vendors

General Sales/Commercial are T-shirts, Clothes, Sunglasses, and Manufactured Products. Products that are NOT HANDMADE and then shipped to the vendors for resale are considered General Sales. Novelties are not accepted! If you have a mixture of arts & crafts and general sales you will still be charged at the General Sales/Commercial rate.

Arts and Crafts Vendors

Arts and Crafts must be handmade and/or assembled by the Vendor. First time Vendors may be requested to provide samples or pictures of items to be sold. Vendors whose items are not handmade or assembled may be asked to pay the difference at the Festival or be shut down with no refund. If you have questions, ask ahead of time. Face painters fall under Arts & Crafts. If you are a face painter vendor, you will need a Certificate of Insurance listing the Laurel Board of Trade as an additional insured.

Non-Profit Groups

Civic, Religious, Schools and Service Groups (you must provide your non-profit tax ID number on application).

Hand-outs Only Vendors

Raffles, government flyers, commercial businesses – All flyers must be preapproved.

Direct Sales

Direct sales are organizations such as Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Arbonne, Tastefully Simple, Thirty-One, Lula Roe, etc. No more than (3) Direct Sales vendors of the same products are allowed at this event.

General Regulations

The Main Street festival is a Rain or Shine event. No refunds will be provided because of weather, change of plans, illness, not going to be in town etc. Once you submit payment, refunds will not be made. All vendors should be unloaded and vehicles off the street by 8:00 a.m. and cleaned up and off the street by 5:00 p.m. at the end of the festival.

All Vendor spaces are ten (10’) feet wide, and a maximum of (10) feet deep from curb. If you need a space wider than 10 feet, you must purchase the required number of spaces to accommodate your needs. If you encroach on the adjacent space you can be removed from your location and the Festival if no accommodations can be made. You will be charged for any additional space required. No refunds are provided.

Your canopy must meet CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 Fire Resistant Requirements. No exceptions can be made.

The Fire Marshall will be verifying all canopy/tents on the day of the Festival. If non-compliant you will need to remove your canopy and may be removed from the festival. No refunds are provided.

Firearms possession, sales and distribution including replicas, look a-likes, or anything that resembles a weapon is prohibited. Please contact the Laurel police department for firearm safety rules and regulations.

All Alcohol sales, distribution or giveaways are prohibited at this event.

Pornographic material, products, literature, giveaways, gifts, or anything that can resemble this is prohibited.

The proper fee must be included with the application. No exceptions to deadlines. If proper fee is not provided with the application, the application will not be processed. No application accepted without check, money order, cash, credit card or debit card information. If you are giving away or selling food you must so indicate on your application. Some foods are allowed without a health permit, but others are not and could result in a fine and being shut down by the Health Department without refund from the Laurel Board of Trade.

If you are also serving or giving away food, you will need to get a Food Vendor application as well and pay the Food Vendor fee for the amount of spaces you are using. You must list on the application all the food you are selling or giving away. If you are selling or giving away food you must contact the Prince Georges County Health Department for instructions on rules and regulations. They can be contacted at (301)-883-7690 or online at:

If this is your first time in the Main Street festival, you may be asked to provide pictures/images/sample of your merchandise. Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting Maryland Sales Tax. Neither the Laurel Main Street Festival Committee, the Laurel Board of Trade nor the City of Laurel is responsible for damage, loss or theft of items.

The Laurel Main Street Festival is a community and family event. As such, The Laurel Main Street Festival Committee/Laurel Board of Trade strives to select vendor applications that reflect the spirit of the festival. However, a vendor’s permit may be withdrawn by the Committee/LBOT if a vendor’s booth or actions are inappropriate for the festival. The Committee and/or LBOT are not responsible for any loss of revenue or fee if a participation permit is withdrawn. Decisions made by the Laurel Main Street Festival Committee and the Laurel Board of Trade are final.

Any questions should be directed to the Laurel Board of Trade Office at or phone at (301) 483-0838.

Returned checks will incur a $50 processing fee. Vendor then must pay via a money order or cash.

Apply online or send completed application and payment to: 

Laurel Board of Trade
383 Main Street
Laurel, MD 20707

Applications received after September 10, 2021 cannot be guaranteed placement and participation at the Main Street Festival.